Tuesday, October 17, 2017

36 weeks

I am almost 37 weeks (a couple days). I had both doctors appointments this week. Today and yesterday. My OB appointment was uneventful, which is good.  Heart rate and belly measurements were all good.  Blood pressure is still good. Weight is a little higher than I was hoping for with a few weeks still to go but it’s not technically a problem. No cervix check this weeek. I thought I would get checked but not this time.  Not that I think anything is happening anyway. The last few weeks have also been uneventful. Lots of the same.
I have been doing the weekly non stress tests.  Everything has been good there too.  Fluid and blood flow and movements have all been good. Nothing to concern anybody.
I had my last growth ultrasound and baby boy was looking good.  He’s still head down and has moved his butt up to my ribs. Which I have noticed and it’s not exactly comfortable for me.  He’s low too and it’s uncomfortable for my bladder. The tech estimated his current weight at 7 lbs and 7 oz. which is 80th percentile.  Even with a possible pound in either direction difference, little guy will be on the bigger side if we make to full term. They did give me a length measurement for him but I assume he’ll be around 20 in T birth, just like Alex was.
I’m hoping that if he really is going to be on the larger side that he comes a little early.  Anywhere in the 38-40 week would be great.  Really hoping to not have to be induced this time around.
Braxton Hicks contraction are in full force. Possibly even a few real one. Definitely had a few take my breath away. Another week and I’ll start trying all the old wives tricks to start labor, even though none of them worked on getting Alex here before her due date.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

32 weeks!

I am so late posting about my 32 week check up.  Have been so busy with life that typing this up got pushed down the list of things I needed to do.
But anyway,  Both checks with the OB and the specialist went well.  OB appointments are fairly uneventful right now. Weight, blood pressure, heart rate and belly measurements are checked and that's been it.  Blood pressure has been normal ever since the one week of high measurements. Weight is getting high, for me. I'm definitely going to end up a little heavier than I was with Alex. Oh well I suppose. 
I had a growth ultrasound at the specialists office and baby boy is looking good.  He's still in his folded up position. Head down in the middle, back around by the left hip, butt by belly button and legs over by my right hip.   He moves around quite a bit and thankfully keeps out of my ribs for the most part but he enjoys hitting my hips. He was measuring about 17 in and about 4 lbs 9oz. The tech said he is measuring average but those measurements seems a little large to me. Especially because they estimate that he will be over 8 lbs at full term. Another big baby for us it seems. Everything else they looked at was great. He is developing as he should be.

As I am typing this I am now just shy of 34 weeks and I am anxiously waiting for the next 6 weeks to go by. I messed up my hips and back and have been pain. There isn't much that can be done, since my big belly restricts the chiropractic work I can have done and can't have any pain medication except Tylenol. My doctor did get me a back support belt which has actually helped some and referred me to physical therapy.  Which I couldn't get appointment for until 2 weeks from now. I feel so bad for Alex, I haven't been much fun the larger I get and now my back has restricted my movement even more.  I really wanted Alex to enjoy her last month as an only child and I feel like I take the fun out of everything. She does however seem to be excited about her baby brother being here soon. I hope her excitement stays after baby brother arrives.  
We think we have a name picked out but we aren't 100% decided yet.  And probably won't be until baby arrives.  
In the meantime, I am going for weekly nonstress test monitoring and a simple u/s, to check fluid and blood flow and baby's heartbeat and practice breathing movements.  Also, doing bi weekly checks with the OB, until 36 weeks when I start going weekly. I'll have one more growth ultrasound at 36 weeks. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

29 weeks

I am really late posting about this weeks appointments.  We have been so busy getting Alex's back into all her activities and prepping for the start of preschool. I kept putting off updating. But here I go...
I had appointments with both my OB and the specialist this week. Got slightly off my off on my weeks due to scheduling. Anyway, at the specialist's office, I had my usual check of my vitals and my blood pressure was slightly up. About 120/88.  I was sent for blood work and a urine test to check for preeclampsia. Also, got my monthly ultrasound. Baby looks great and so did everything else. Placenta is still out of the way, fluid and the placenta were all good.  Baby is growing as expected. He is approximately 15 inches and 3.3 pounds.  He is above average in size so far.  I looked back at Alex's stats and at 28 weeks she was about 2.4 pounds.  Really hoping this guy doesn't go over the 9 pound mark at birth.
I had my OB appointment a few days later and again my blood pressure was still slightly up. Around 120/86. They didn't send me for more blood work but did check my results from the few days before. All my results were normal. So at the moment no serious concern for preeclampsia but I will visiting each office every 2 weeks. Which puts me at an appointment every week because the way scheduling has worked out so far.  The OB office scheduled my appointments for the remainder of my pregnancy and I have been scheduling appointments 2 at a time with the specialist.
I have been experiencing more Braxton hicks contractions and possibly some real contractions as I have some that were painful. But nothing serious or regular enough to warrant a trip to the hospital.  Baby boy has been very active lately and I'm not entirely sure if I was feeling contractions or very strong movement from baby.  I have felt strong movements and body parts poking out from my belly. This little guy seems to move more than Alex did and she was a wiggler. Although this little guy is in a different position than Alex was.  She stayed head down, feet up the whole time. And this guy has been hanging out with his head in my right hip and his feet are up by his face.  Hopefully he makes a big shift to head down in the near future.
On a side note, right before my appointment with the specialist, I slipped and fell on some stairs twice. Didn't fall or hurt my belly but managed to twisted my ankle up pretty bad.  Still swollen after over a week of injurying it.  The slight limp makes my big belly waddle walk even more ridiculous.
Recently, Alex has been helping get things ready for baby brother in his room.  We have washed and organized some clothes, blankets and towels.  We got his crib all put together, even though he won't be sleeping in it for a few months.  Makes the room look put together.  We hung a start mobile but I have yet to find any other decor.  Finding space themed decor is proving more difficult than I had anticipated. I got the car seat all washed up and the swing too. And in the next month we will get everything else washed and set up.  Pack and play, activity mat, etc all need set up in their spots.  Along with getting car seats set up in my car just in case baby brother makes an early appearance.
We are so close and yet so far away from the end.
More updates the follow as I have my next couple of appointments

Sunday, July 30, 2017

25 Weeks

Time for another update after what feels like a long time since my last post.  We did go on our two week trip to Germany, which was amazing! It was fun to do and experience new things. Being 6 months pregnant wasn't so bad while traveling except that Greg had to do all the heavy lifting of the luggage and Alex and I had to use the airplane bathroom about every hour.
On to the baby stuff. I had my OB check and specialist ultrasound check.
OB appointment was as usual quick and easy.  Still gaining weight at what seems like a greater rate than I did with Alex. Not super happy about that. But other than that, all was good.  I need to go get my glucose test done before my next appointment. Belly was measuring on track.
Then I had my ultrasound at the specialist's office.  Little guy is doing great. He's measuring about a week ahead. 1 pound 13oz and 12.5 inches.  He even cooperated for all the measurements they needed to get of him.  And I got good news that the placenta has moved out of the way of my cervix so a c section is not necessary, unless something new comes up. That is a huge relief even though having a scheduled date would have been nice.
Little guy still has no name, though we haven't really talked it about it much.  We should probably work on it soon.  His room is coming along though. Greg has it all painted except for some finally touch ups.  We got a dresser and I started sorting out all the hand me downs I got and the stuff left over from Alex.  Alex has been trying to be helpful when I sort stuff out in his room.  She's very interested in his toys and that she wants to hold her brother and help put him in the crib.
I'm still working on the decor but decided on space theme.  I did get a star mobile for over the crib. Like the butterfly one I had over Alex's crib. Already in full nesting mode. Seems worse than it was with Alex but maybe that's just because I have more to clean and more going on.  I still want to get the carpets cleaned, clean the curtains and crib skirt, sheets and the clothes that I have for little guy.  Also been in full deep cleaning mode for the rest of the house too.  Though that's slow going with our trips.
Only 15 more weeks and we have so much going on before baby arrives.  Alex's birthday and a trip to Az to celebrate with family, Alex starting up with her activities again, dance, swim and starting preschool. Greg's birthday and a new nephew arriving. Hoping we are ready ish before baby comes!

Friday, June 30, 2017

20/21 Weeks

As of today I am 21 w 1 day.
I'll start with last week's OB visit.  Although it was an uneventful appointment. I'm up a total of 9 pounds.  Seems like I put on a bunch of weight in a week or so and have leveled off for now.  Everything else was good and normal.  Baby's heart rate was good. And he's been extra wiggly lately.  And he had dropped down lower in my pelvis. My belly has gotten way bigger too. Not hiding anything now. Back to the OB after 5 weeks, since we will be in Germany at 24 weeks.
Today, I went to the specialist for an ultrasound.  Baby is doing well.  Measuring a little ahead still, at 11 inches and 1 pound. (Interestingly I checked back to see how big Alex was around this time and at 22 weeks she was 11.25 inches and 1.1 pounds). The tech was able to get most of the measurements they needed except for some heart measurements because baby rolled to the side and was casting a shadow.  Though the doctor said everything else looked normal and they were not concerned but will check his heart again at the next ultrasound.  The tech was able to finally confirm that we are having a boy. Since little guy has been shy up until now.  And he did change positions, he's now head down and low.  He did have his feet and hands covering his face.
And on the note of my placenta position.  It is still extremely close to the cervix. I was having a contraction while they were trying to measure my cervix and had to estimate the distance but the placenta is about half a centimeter away from the cervix.  So still not great. Doctor anticipates that it will move out of the way but I will need it checked again at my next monthly appointment.
Everything else is going well.  Having Braxton hicks contractions daily, usually at night.  No one is concerned about them yet especially since they checked and I'm not currently at risk for preterm labor. Baby being down lower does mean that with some movements I have to pee right away.  Had the same issue with Alex but at least I'm not working as much and don't have that feeling while ine middle of cutting hair.
We are going one trip to Germany in a week and half and will be there for a couple of weeks.  We are excited to have a family adventure before little guy arrives. And Alex will get to see and play with her first friends, Max. Who moved back to Germany last year.
Updates in a month after I have my next appointments and we are back from our trip.