Sunday, July 30, 2017

25 Weeks

Time for another update after what feels like a long time since my last post.  We did go on our two week trip to Germany, which was amazing! It was fun to do and experience new things. Being 6 months pregnant wasn't so bad while traveling except that Greg had to do all the heavy lifting of the luggage and Alex and I had to use the airplane bathroom about every hour.
On to the baby stuff. I had my OB check and specialist ultrasound check.
OB appointment was as usual quick and easy.  Still gaining weight at what seems like a greater rate than I did with Alex. Not super happy about that. But other than that, all was good.  I need to go get my glucose test done before my next appointment. Belly was measuring on track.
Then I had my ultrasound at the specialist's office.  Little guy is doing great. He's measuring about a week ahead. 1 pound 13oz and 12.5 inches.  He even cooperated for all the measurements they needed to get of him.  And I got good news that the placenta has moved out of the way of my cervix so a c section is not necessary, unless something new comes up. That is a huge relief even though having a scheduled date would have been nice.
Little guy still has no name, though we haven't really talked it about it much.  We should probably work on it soon.  His room is coming along though. Greg has it all painted except for some finally touch ups.  We got a dresser and I started sorting out all the hand me downs I got and the stuff left over from Alex.  Alex has been trying to be helpful when I sort stuff out in his room.  She's very interested in his toys and that she wants to hold her brother and help put him in the crib.
I'm still working on the decor but decided on space theme.  I did get a star mobile for over the crib. Like the butterfly one I had over Alex's crib. Already in full nesting mode. Seems worse than it was with Alex but maybe that's just because I have more to clean and more going on.  I still want to get the carpets cleaned, clean the curtains and crib skirt, sheets and the clothes that I have for little guy.  Also been in full deep cleaning mode for the rest of the house too.  Though that's slow going with our trips.
Only 15 more weeks and we have so much going on before baby arrives.  Alex's birthday and a trip to Az to celebrate with family, Alex starting up with her activities again, dance, swim and starting preschool. Greg's birthday and a new nephew arriving. Hoping we are ready ish before baby comes!

Friday, June 30, 2017

20/21 Weeks

As of today I am 21 w 1 day.
I'll start with last week's OB visit.  Although it was an uneventful appointment. I'm up a total of 9 pounds.  Seems like I put on a bunch of weight in a week or so and have leveled off for now.  Everything else was good and normal.  Baby's heart rate was good. And he's been extra wiggly lately.  And he had dropped down lower in my pelvis. My belly has gotten way bigger too. Not hiding anything now. Back to the OB after 5 weeks, since we will be in Germany at 24 weeks.
Today, I went to the specialist for an ultrasound.  Baby is doing well.  Measuring a little ahead still, at 11 inches and 1 pound. (Interestingly I checked back to see how big Alex was around this time and at 22 weeks she was 11.25 inches and 1.1 pounds). The tech was able to get most of the measurements they needed except for some heart measurements because baby rolled to the side and was casting a shadow.  Though the doctor said everything else looked normal and they were not concerned but will check his heart again at the next ultrasound.  The tech was able to finally confirm that we are having a boy. Since little guy has been shy up until now.  And he did change positions, he's now head down and low.  He did have his feet and hands covering his face.
And on the note of my placenta position.  It is still extremely close to the cervix. I was having a contraction while they were trying to measure my cervix and had to estimate the distance but the placenta is about half a centimeter away from the cervix.  So still not great. Doctor anticipates that it will move out of the way but I will need it checked again at my next monthly appointment.
Everything else is going well.  Having Braxton hicks contractions daily, usually at night.  No one is concerned about them yet especially since they checked and I'm not currently at risk for preterm labor. Baby being down lower does mean that with some movements I have to pee right away.  Had the same issue with Alex but at least I'm not working as much and don't have that feeling while ine middle of cutting hair.
We are going one trip to Germany in a week and half and will be there for a couple of weeks.  We are excited to have a family adventure before little guy arrives. And Alex will get to see and play with her first friends, Max. Who moved back to Germany last year.
Updates in a month after I have my next appointments and we are back from our trip.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

16/17 Weeks

Tomorrow I will be 17 weeks. Last week I had my rgukar check up at the OB's office.  Nothing new to report from there. Heard little guy's heart beat and had to get some blood work done. Apparently I was suppose to do it after my 12 weeks appointment but the doctor forgot to mention that she sent over the orders.  But anyway 6 vials of blood later and everything seems fine. Thyroid is a tiny bit off again but it's similar to the situation I had with Alex.  Off but not enough to require medication. 
Today, I had my ultrasound appointment at the high risk specialist.  Baby was wiggly today but still managed to stay curled up. Making it little difficult at first  to get all the measurements they needed.  He finally uncurled enough to get almost everything, except for verifying that he's boy.  He was too shy. So maybe next time. Baby is actually measuring a week ahead.  Approximately 7.7 inches and 7 oz. Baby is doing great according to doctor and the ultrasound tech. 
One issue did come up.  The placenta has attached very low and  dry close to the cervix.  The doctor was optimistic that as the uterus stretches and grows that it will move and up out of the way.  However, if it does not then I will need c section.  But for now nothing to be concerned with. Just something they will continue to monitor. 
I feel like this might explain why baby seems to have to been hanging out up higher than Alex did and maybe why I haven't notice as much movement.  Alex was always so low and I was constantly being hit in the bladder by her. 
I've finally gained a few pounds, which I think isn't too bad for being almost half way. The nausea I had been having has moatly gone away. Although there seeem to be quite a few more foods that makes me nauseous then with Alex. And I haven't been as tired lately.  Making it through most days without naps. I seem to have picked up some allergies though and that hasn't been great. Headaches are still happening through.  I have been craving chips and salsa and coffee.  I feel like some days I can't make it though the day without some caffeine. Been feeling more tumbling around but still no kicks.  Even though I could see baby kicking on the ultrasound, I couldn't definitely feel it.  Hopefully I'll feel more soon. 
Greg started painted baby's room.  Lime green to go with the navy blue curtains left over for when Alex was in nursery. And I think we'll be going with a space or airplane theme but I haven't decided for sure yet. 
That's all for now. Back at the OB in 3 weeks and another ultrasound in 4 weeks.  

Monday, May 8, 2017

13 weeks

A few days late on this update but a few days ago, I had my appointment at the specialist's office and had an ultrasound. We ended up not meeting with the genetic counselor like we were originally scheduled for.  The counselor said that since we had seen her before and there was nothing new in my medical history, that we didn't need to see her again.  We did get the NT ultrasound. The ultrasound that measures the fold in baby's neck's which can be an indicator of Down's syndrome and heart defects.  Baby's measurements were right where they should be.  As we expected since the prior genetic testing showed no down's. It is nice being able to see and check on baby.  All his other measurements were on track for this stage.  We go back to the specialist for another ultrasound at the end of the month for another growth check and to check for a few more possible anomalies, like spina bifda.  Again not too worried about anything crazy happening but I like the checks. I feel more comfortable being able to make sure baby is growing as he should be.
So far I haven't been able to feel movement.  With Alex, I felt a bubble popping sensation by now. I feel what feels like tickles but usually just went I'm going bed and holding still and being quiet. I'm hoping with in the next few weeks  I'll be able to feel him moving.  He also seems to be hanging out up higher than Alex did.  When I look for his heart beat with the Doppler, he's up at the top of my uterus.  Where Alex use to hang out towards the bottom. So far these 2 kids are giving me difference experiences. I am starting to feel much better.  Nausea is mostly gone.  As long as I stick to smaller meals and eat a little throughout the day.  I'm still gettting headaches/migraines and I've been tired less frequently.  Still could use a nap on some days.

On top of all my appointments and growing belly, we are going up to Colorado for a wedding this weekend.  It will be nice to get out of town and go some where new.  We haven't ever been up to Denver except for the airport. And after my appointment at the end of the month, I am going to Dallas to spend a weekend with my friend, while Greg and Alex stay home.  Staying busy as the weeks go by.
Oh we did pick a paint color for baby's room.  A lime green to go with the navy blue that still in the room left over from Alex. Hopefully Greg will get the wall painted within the next month.  Still have to clean out the room, get a new dresser and reorganize.  All of the baby stuff Alex outgrew got put on the room and left there.  Definitely have a summer/fall project.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

12 Weeks

We have made it to the 12 week mark. I had my first OB appointment. Which went well and was uneventful.  Mostly just being asked basic health questions and getting the basic do's and don'ts again. Also I got to hear the baby's heartbeat which is always great.  And scheduled for another appointment in 4 weeks.
This last week I was able to find little guys heartbeat on my Doppler. He's been tricky to find.
Now we are waiting for my next appointment, next week at the perinatal office.