Friday, June 30, 2017

20/21 Weeks

As of today I am 21 w 1 day.
I'll start with last week's OB visit.  Although it was an uneventful appointment. I'm up a total of 9 pounds.  Seems like I put on a bunch of weight in a week or so and have leveled off for now.  Everything else was good and normal.  Baby's heart rate was good. And he's been extra wiggly lately.  And he had dropped down lower in my pelvis. My belly has gotten way bigger too. Not hiding anything now. Back to the OB after 5 weeks, since we will be in Germany at 24 weeks.
Today, I went to the specialist for an ultrasound.  Baby is doing well.  Measuring a little ahead still, at 11 inches and 1 pound. (Interestingly I checked back to see how big Alex was around this time and at 22 weeks she was 11.25 inches and 1.1 pounds). The tech was able to get most of the measurements they needed except for some heart measurements because baby rolled to the side and was casting a shadow.  Though the doctor said everything else looked normal and they were not concerned but will check his heart again at the next ultrasound.  The tech was able to finally confirm that we are having a boy. Since little guy has been shy up until now.  And he did change positions, he's now head down and low.  He did have his feet and hands covering his face.
And on the note of my placenta position.  It is still extremely close to the cervix. I was having a contraction while they were trying to measure my cervix and had to estimate the distance but the placenta is about half a centimeter away from the cervix.  So still not great. Doctor anticipates that it will move out of the way but I will need it checked again at my next monthly appointment.
Everything else is going well.  Having Braxton hicks contractions daily, usually at night.  No one is concerned about them yet especially since they checked and I'm not currently at risk for preterm labor. Baby being down lower does mean that with some movements I have to pee right away.  Had the same issue with Alex but at least I'm not working as much and don't have that feeling while ine middle of cutting hair.
We are going one trip to Germany in a week and half and will be there for a couple of weeks.  We are excited to have a family adventure before little guy arrives. And Alex will get to see and play with her first friends, Max. Who moved back to Germany last year.
Updates in a month after I have my next appointments and we are back from our trip.

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